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Lenovo should use Motorola brand to strengthen in US market, says website

The Wall Street Journal says Lenovo intends to launch a new smartphone in July, betting on the Motorola brand to strengthen itself in the US market. Check out what was said below.

According to the publication, during an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang hinted that the company still intends to use the Motorola name to strengthen itself in the US smartphone market. The idea is to have another "innovative and attractive" device, focused on US consumers, to be launched in July this year.

In addition, Mr. Yang would also have said that the company is optimistic about India, Africa and the Middle East as markets that will offset the declines in sales in the Chinese market.

Speaking about the personal computer market, Yuanqing reportedly said that smartphone users from emerging markets would eventually migrate to PC use. According to him, over time smartphone owners will find that the PC is a more powerful and complete device, and that sooner or later, I will upgrade to a PC.

The publication did not give details about the smartphone to be launched in July. This phone will probably be specific to the US market, such as the DROID line.

In your opinion, would Lenovo be right to continue to use Motorola's name to reach the US market?

Erratum: We had previously published that Lenovo's CEO said the company would invest in the Motorola brand, which did not, the statement came from the WSJ publication.


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