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Learn how LG can replace all your credit and debit cards

Mobile payment services are already available in the market, and the three main representatives are Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay, all with very similar features. Now LG wants to innovate in following.

LG White Card Positive Points

The reality that no mobile payment service has yet succeeded, either by smartphone limitations or by the number of compatible card machines. Probably from this difficulty came LG and its concept of mobile payment, which would remain tied to a smartphone, but would be used by a card itself.

Screenshot 2016 01 29 16 55 38
This would be the universal credit card from LG / ET News

The end result seems to be a technological physical card. The LG White Card is the same size as a conventional credit card, but has a small screen and a pair of buttons. These buttons allow users to choose which card to be simulated by the LG Pay Card and the monitor will inform users which card they are using.

This solution adopted by LG makes the payment system compatible with any of its handsets, even those without NFC support, and should appeal to users who are not attracted to competing payment systems.

Screenshot 2016 01 29 17 04 09
LG White Card would have a small screen and navigation buttons / ET News

South Korean press reports say 50,000 LG White Card units were manufactured for testing. The problem is that there is still no information that the accessory would be sold separately or shipped with the main devices of the company.

LG Card White Points

Another point that should not please the fact that the LG White Card needs to be recharged. Okay, already recharging our smartphones every day, we are taking a long time to accept the idea of ??having to recharge our smartwatches, but having to plug in your credit card socket seems a bit much.

We now have to wait for more official information to find out if LG has a letter up its sleeve to really get its mobile payment system going, which the competition has not yet achieved.

And you, do you use any mobile payment service or would you use a universal credit card, just like this LG proposal?

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