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Kobo: the perfect free e-Reader

Ebook readers usually don't need a presentation, but sometimes the last thing you want is a new gadget that outperforms many of the functions of your other devices. After all, you can read ebooks on your PC, laptop, reader, tablet, smartphone … So if you're not looking for a reader but still enjoy the experience offered by them on your smartphone or tablet, you can get an app that brings the reader to your device. And an application like this one created by the ebook developers themselves is even better, right? Here is the review of the official app of Kobo. See if it replicates an e-reader experience well.

Functions & Usage

Well, I already have a Kindle with e-ink and a color screen Kobo Arc, so I like the experience readers offer, but I also have a tablet, laptop, etc. Sometimes I don't want to charge all my gadgets, although I don't like to compromise and have to find bad replacements on one device for the functions of others.

Of course, one of the things I should mention first is that reading long texts on the smartphone is not the best experience in the world because of the small screen. So I decided to install the Kobo app on my 10.1 inch tablet to have my books on a larger screen than my e-readers.

The first time you install the Kobo app, you will have to sign up or log in. If you already have a Kobo account, all your purchased books will be available immediately. If you're new, you can sign up quickly and start searching among the millions of free and paid books available at Kobo's store. My one caveat: It's not so easy to look exclusively for free books. But if you think about it, it's not easy on Kobo Arc either.

The first thing to note on a tablet is the large screen space available for your bookshelves. It's great to have an overview of your books without downloading the screen often. You can also know better how the application works, as you can view all functions on the screen at once. You can select the various bars (Home, Library, Store) to see the sub categories. For example: on the home screen, you have Recent Activity, Recommended For You, New Releases, Friends Are Reading, and My Awards. Within each category you can select right or left to see more titles on the shelves.

There is also a category-specific left hidden menu that can be viewed with a finger swipe. These menus are always brief and very useful. The Reading Life function, as its name implies, makes a history of your life with books. You can see how many books you have read, how many pages you have turned over and the prizes received. You can also see the average numbers to get an idea of ??how fast you read and how much time you spend on each page / chapter / book. My Awards give you the chance to receive prizes based on your reading habits, which I find somewhat unnecessary for adults, but a good way to stimulate children's reading.


If you don't want to buy another device specifically for reading ebooks, the Kobo app is the ideal alternative. It offers a user experience very similar to Kobo Arc and a reader experience exactly the same. Some Arc functions, such as Discovery, are not included, but for a basic reading experience it's perfect. And best of all: free too.

The only downsides: It's not as pleasant to read on a tablet as it is on an e-ink screen, and the tablet's battery life is also much shorter than that of a good reader. But as a reader replacement, or as the first experience in the eBook world, the ideal Kobo app. The only risk is that after downloading the app you will want to buy a real Kobo!

Screen & Controls

In read mode, page passes are great (you can set them yourself), and you have all the usual settings for page orientation, font size, browsing options, notification, and social settings. The social aspect of the Kobo app is very cool (also available on Kobo Arc) and lets you see what your friends are reading, share quotes and comment on books in common. Of course, you can also highlight passages, make notes, and share it all with your friends. Early book chapters are available before purchase, as well as synchronization with other devices. You can also use the volume buttons to navigate if you don't want to use the touchscreen. I really enjoyed the reading experience provided by a larger screen (I tested the app on a 10.1 inch tablet).

Speed ??& Stability

The program only froze once while I was downloading a book, and the download was a bit slow, but this may have been my Wi-Fi connection during the trial period. Also, there was sometimes a slight delay when I slid my finger across the screen to move the page, especially with animations. Other than that, the Kobo app worked perfectly.

Price / Performance Ratio

The best possible: the free Kobo app works almost like a real reader. It is worth installing it!

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