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KDE Connect lets you connect your Mac to your Android smartphone.

Thanks to the resource Continuity, Macs They are made to work in perfect sync with other Apple devices, such as the iPhone or iPad. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Apple ecosystem. If you are a Mac user who prefers the Android As a mobile operating system, however, all of this integration goes down the drain.

For fear nothing, platform agnostics: the KDE Connect are already between us. The project, which has been around for a while and recently arrived on macOS, allows you to connect your Apple computer to your Android smartphone, checking information and performing basic commands in either direction.

KDE Connect for Android

What can you do specifically? You can run predefined commands on your Mac or smartphone, check your mobile device battery, activate an alert to find your smartphone, send Mac files to Android, and enable a feature that keeps your Mac awake while your smartphone is on. Phone is connected to it.

Other features, such as viewing Android notifications on the Mac or volume control of the computer on the smartphone, that work on Linux, still have some loose ends on the macOS version which means they may not work to their satisfaction in the first one. time. Plus, the universal transfer area and file uploads from Android to Mac aren't working yet, period. We are talking about a project under development, after all.

KDE Connect for Mac

The current version of KDE Connect is still a nightly build, but its developers promise to release a stable (and signed) version of the utility next month. If you want to test the app right now, however, you can download it from this page and follow the instructions not unlike installing a normal application on your Mac, but you will need to enable app installation from unrecognized sources.

Oh, and you also need to download the app KDE Connect on Google Play and install it on your Android.

via Cult of Mac

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