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How to draw a secret friend by phone

The end of the year 2019 is approaching and with it the festive dates begin to arrive, like Christmas. For this occasion, of course, many friends and families like to make the secret friend to have a more fun surprise when exchanging their gifts, but not always make the draw of this joke something simple or that can be done with everyone present.

Fortunately, technology can be our ally, including using the cell phone as a facilitator of this task. Here's how to draw your secret friend's Christmas giveaway with your mobile phone.

Creating the Secret Friend Group

The draw of the secret friend on the phone is made with the help of an application, which brings an interesting interface and the main conditions of the game. First, here's how to create the secret friend group:

1. Visit Google Play or the App Store and download Secret Friend 22;

2. Open the application normally and tap ?New Group?;


3. Now set a name for the secret friend group and tap ?Next?;


4. In the next screen, set the value of gifts and tap ?Next?;


5. Then choose the date and conditions or place of delivery of the gift;


6. Define how your name should appear in the tournament, click ?Next? and select the ?Free? option.


Calling people to be part of the secret friend

Now that you have created a name for the secret friend's draw, of course, you will need to call other participants to be part of it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the program normally and select the desired ?Secret Friend?;


2. Tap the ?Share? icon and send the link to your friends or family via WhatsApp. If you prefer, you can also use other apps for this task;


3. Anyone who clicks on the link received via WhatsApp or otherwise, just needs to download the app to join the secret friend and already see their conditions.

Making the draw

Once all participants of the secret friend are set it is time for the draw. For this, the creator of the draw must open the application and follow the steps as suggested by the image below.


Finally, when the draw is held, all participants of the secret friend will receive a notification on their mobile phone to know who they took. In addition, it is also possible to check who you took for the app itself.


Ready! Now you know how to use your cell phone to hold your secret friend's giveaway.