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How to add widgets in the Android notification bar

Widgets are used to customize the home screens of our system, as well as providing a quick alternative to accessing the most important information of our daily lives. In this article you will learn how to add your favorite widgets to the Android notification bar. This way, the most used functions on your smartphone will be accessible from the lock screen or while you use any other application. Learn how to add widgets to your Android notification bar through the tutorial below.

The app responsible for taking widgets to your Android notification bar is Snap. The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. The free version allows up to 3 widgets to be added to the notification bar. The paid version, however, allows multiple widgets to be added for the additional $ 7.30.

Snap Swipe Drawer
Install on Google Play

We believe the limit of 3 widgets is ideal, since too much information in the notification bar can make it visually polished and not very practical. So the free version of Snap will do just fine!

How to add widgets in the Android notification bar

Snap's work is similar to Apple's iOS by adding the system's widgets to the notification bar. After downloading Snap on Google Play, follow the steps below:

  • Open Snap and click on the "+" cone in the bottom right corner of the app;
  • A list of available widgets on the device will appear, select the desired options;
  • Close Snap and test by pulling the system notification bar.
snapwidgetsapp "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" "srcset =" snapwidgetsapp-w782.jpg 782w, 596w, jpg 450w, 336w, 300w "class = "lazyload" />
The Snap app adds system widgets to the notification bar. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>During my tests I noticed that widgets with dimensions between 4×1 and 4×4 are the most suitable, since they fill the entire width of the screen occupied by the notification area. Options with smaller dimensions are pop-up, so you can click on the three points in the top corner of Snap and align them to your preference.</p>
<p>To make the widgets align in the center of the notification bar select "center", for right corner alignment "right" and "left" to the left side. The "Active on lock screen" option allows widgets to be consulted along with notifications from the locked screen.</p>
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Widgets cannot be resized, however, their functionality is accessible from the notification bar and lock screen. Worth a download!

And what did you think of this alternative for your device widgets?

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