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Gravit Designer – A New Tool For Working With Free Vector Graphics

Are you looking for an alternative tool to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Inkscape? So Gravit Designer may be your best free option.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a very versatile and intuitive application for creating vector images and even small assemblies that do not involve very dense image manipulation. It is completely free and available for Windows, MacOS and Linux (via AppImage), as well as a web version that runs through Google Chrome, making it compatible with ChromeOS as well.

Gravit Designer In fact, the first time Gravit appears here on the blog, we have a post about him dated November 2014. From then on the software has received several upgrades, both in visual and available tooling. Gravit Designer

Without much practice you can joke about the organization of the interface, there is nothing hidden in the menus, everything is arranged in front of your eyes. Actually, there are some options in the menus, but nothing very complex and that can not be accessed by the interface itself. The only obstacle for those who do not like to use tools that have no translation for Portuguese.

Apply shadow, create shapes, install new fonts; All this very simple. Gravit has support for layers as well and some ready effects. The program can be interesting for anyone who needs to create Facebook images, websites and even web designers or Mobile Apps icons.

Gravit Designer Presets There are a few presets which you can use when creating a new file with ready-made sizes and resolutions; By the way, Gravit uses the open SVG format to save your files, just like InkscapeThis ensures that any program that supports the open standard vector graphics format can work with the material you produce in Gravit. In addition to SVG, you can export your work to PDF, PNG and JPG which makes things a lot easier, Gravit Designer also has its own format for saving files if you want to use them.

If you are thinking that it will be complicated to adapt to a new program, here is one more tip.

I know very well how adapting to a new tool or platform can be tricky, something that can help you with Gravit the tool's YouTube channel that teaches you how to use the main features of the software.

See you next time!

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