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Google Translate for iOS gets support for Siri Shortcuts, Telegram and Slack updated

And we are again with recent updates of important applications from App store! Let's take a look at them?

Google translator

The world's most popular translation app has gained support in version 6.0 of Siri Shortcuts. This allows you to initiate bilingual conversations through the assistant which makes the whole process much faster and more practical.

Google Translate app icon

There is no more information from Google about the news, but it is worth updating Translator and testing Siri integration yourself by simply pronouncing an application-related command such as ?start a Google Translate conversation? and watch the magic happen.

Telegram for Mac

Telegram app icon

The most controversial messaging app in Brazil has now brought to macOS the new thing that made the eyes of iOS / Android users last week: the new stickers that combine the practicality of traditional stickers with the dynamism of GIFs.

On Mac, animated stickers have the same benefits as other platforms are lightweight, high frame rate and fully compatible with stickers from Telegram. You can create your own sticker pack and check out the most popular kits of the moment in a specific app tab.


Slack app icon

One more new thing for the Mac: Slack is now slightly faster, due to corrections in the application code and minor enhancements made here and there. In addition, administrators now have more stable mechanisms to control when and how the application is updated and we also have a number of bug fixes.

Slack app icon

On iOS, for its part, Slack began removing 3D Touch features in certain parts of the app such as channel names and DMs, which they say were no longer perfect. In addition, the traditional bug fixes were also made.