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Google Play Games now available on Play Store

The Google Game Center, the Play games, can be downloaded from today on the Play Store. This is practically a new Play Store focused on games.

Google play games app
The new Google Play Games / Google

The theme of games is becoming increasingly important to Google. Consoles with Android They are growing in number, and the number of games in the Play Store is steadily increasing. Therefore, Google Play Games should provide a ceiling for all games and the gaming community.

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
Watch your friends games. / Google

With the app you can get an overview of all your Play Store games and the wide range of new games. In addition, Play Games manages your scores and compares them to those of your Google Plus friends worldwide. So you can measure strength with other players and see who beats the record.

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
The social component is particularly important to Google. / Google

Google bets on the human spirit of competition and expects to increase the number of game consumers. The fact that your stage in the game can be saved in cloud It is accessed anytime and from various devices also shows Google's willingness to make the Android world play.

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
The record holders are shown. / Google

You can download the free app from the Play Store, and anyone who has tried it can tell us their first impressions in the comments.

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