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Google announces end of AdSense app for iOS and Android

Google continues to "reorganize" the distribution of its apps on mobile platforms and recently announced the end of development of one of its software, this time the AdSense. The Mountain View giant's advertising service even has an iOS and Android app, as well as a web version. By the end of this year, however, only the second option will remain available.

According to Google, the reason for removing the app came from the demand for web service. According to the company, nearly 70% of the AdSense audience uses the web tool on mobile devices; In this way, the goal is to further develop the features of the online platform so that the use of the app is completely suppressed in time to be removed from app stores.

According to the company, some improvements to the AdSense page interface will be announced soon, including the implementation of the Progressive Web Application development methodology (Progressive Web Apps, or PWA), which makes the AdSense experience even faster in browsers.

The end of AdSense app distribution on the App Store and Google Play will take place in the coming months, although Google has not released an exact timeframe for removal. Those who already have the app installed will notice that it will no longer work in a while, when they will have to migrate to the web version.

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