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Follow Santa: Christmas miscellaneous straight from Google!

For three years Google has kept the tradition of following Santa Claus. This year, the company created an app with a countdown to the good old man's exit, videos, games and, on Christmas Day, a tracking of the progress of gift delivery.

The countdown marks the time left for Mr Noel to leave Lapnia to deliver his presents on Christmas Day, and will be able to follow his entire route during delivery. At the moment, only games and one of the videos are available.

The video is an animation about Santa Claus on a cruise, having fun while the elves and reindeer make all the necessary preparations for the journey. The next videos should accompany his daily life until December 24th, in all there will be 3 animated videos.

Follow Santa also has 6 very simple games:

Gumball, classic game of knocking down the bubbles by moving the phone.

christmas google1
Do not drop the balls out of the machine. / ANDROIDPIT

Memory, with Christmas elements.

christmas google2
Very simple memory game. / ANDROIDPIT

Elf Jetpack, command an elf with a jetpack and pick up all the items before they die.

christmas google3
Very easy./ ANDROIDPIT

Rocket Sleigh, much like a mixture of Jetpack Joyride and Flappy Bird.

christmas google4
Avoid the foliage of the trees. / ANDROIDPIT

Dasher Dancer, I did not understand very well, apparently only four characters who react to different gestures on the screen.

christmas google5
Choose a character and interact with him through on-screen gestures. / ANDROIDPIT

Snowdown, throw snowballs at opponents while defending against the balls played by them (compatible with Google Cardboard, Android TV and Nexus Player).

christmas google6
Try to defeat the other 3 elves. / ANDROIDPIT

All games are extremely simple, yet the app locked a little and closed a few times. In addition to games, the app also brings some faces to smartwatches with Android Wear.

Follow Santa is at version 3.0.10, occupies about 100MB and is compatible with Google Cardboard, Android TV, Nexus Player and Android Wear.

What did you think about Google's Christmas surprise?

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