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First fruits of Apple-Salesforce partnership begin to appear

Apple and Salesforce joined forces in September 2018, when the two giants promised to invest in enterprise apps for iOS (focusing on enhancing Salesforce products on Ma's mobile operating system). Now, more than 12 months later, the first fruits of this partner are coming to market.

The information was shared by Salesforce at its conference. Dreamforce. To begin with, Apple worked with the company to redesign the Salesforce app to incorporate native iOS features like Siri Shortcuts (this way, the app can be controlled by voice instead of necessarily having to type), support for Handoff and to Face ID.

Salesforce, in turn, announced a pilot program for the Einstein Voice for the app, allowing reps to enter notes, add tasks, and update the database using voice commands. Einstein is the company's overall layer of artificial intelligence, and the voice feature uses natural language understanding to interpret what the person is asking for.

The company also announced a new SDK, created specifically for iOS and iPadOS using the Swift language.

New Trailhead GO app for iOS

Finally, we have the Trailhead GO, mobile version of Salesforce's online learning platform designed specifically for iGadgets. The app was created using the new SDK and allows users to access the same courses available on the web, but in a much more mobile-friendly way.

Tomorrow (11/19), Tim cook attend the event and talk to Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff and the chat will take place at 6:30 pm (Braslia time) at the Yerba Buena Theater, and have a live broadcast.

via TechCrunch

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