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Firefly Game on Android in 2014!

Wow!! If you have a game I've been waiting for a while Firefly. And now it was announced by Fox Digital Entertainment at Comic Con in San Diego, and be released to iOS and Android next year. Wait … iOS and Android? As well?

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
We want it back! /

Okay, it's going to be great to see something related to Firefly again, but the decision to create a handheld game only seems strange. I hope this project is somehow related to the development of Apple and Google game consoles, and that the game is bigger and better than other game apps.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
Firefly goes live again! / FireflyOnlineGame / YouTube

Firefly online has been billed as online social RPG, whatever that means. It has also been informed that you will be the captain of a ship (does anyone guess the class?) And be looking for a crew. Check out the teaser video:

Link to video

Nice trailer, but I wanted to see more! The game will be developed by QMXI and Spark Plug Games, and is expected to be released next summer. I don't know if I can wait so long. I think I'll watch the episodes again and hope they bring the series back.

What did you think about Firefly's online announcement for Android and iOS? Will the game be faithful series?

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