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Emulators are actually a very special category. DraStic DS Emulator is a great solution for those who want to play old Nintendo games on Android devices. This fact makes this app one of the most famous today. Want to know more what he can do? So keep reading our test app today.

Functions & Usage

DraStic DS Emulator proposes a fascinating world tour of the best Nintendo games, but on Android devices. It stands out above all for the speed of reproduction, aspect of the most problematic in other emulators.

The user may choose to download several games at the same time, thereby switching from screen to screen. The layout and controls can be customized and then used for all games. The fact is that the player has the freedom to choose the setting they want.

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<p style=The game must be synced with Google Play so that everything saved can be recovered. In the app you can still enable cheat and cheat codes. This is an interesting solution for those who don't have much patience and want to get to the end of games faster.

The emulator is in one of the grayest parts of the Play Store: its use, however, is entirely legal, even if you do not share downloaded games on other devices, but use original Nintendo games. But the network is full of more or less authorized clones.

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<h2>Screen & Controls</h2>
<p style=DraStic DS Emulator supports a multitude of games and interfaces with many customizable options. You can select from many layouts, orientation and screen size.

As for the controls, we must say that it is much more complicated to use those that are virtual than the physicists of the old Nintendo, but this aspect is typical of Android.

Speed ??& Stability

DraStic DS Emulator works very well and reacts quickly. For an arcade gaming platform, this is an essential aspect.

Price / Performance Ratio

DraStic DS Emulator can be downloaded for 5.99 from the Play Store. For an app that offers so many features, this price is more than adequate.

Final Verdict

DraStic DS Emulator is a great emulator and its quality has surprised us positively. Without doubt, the best Nintendo emulator we know for the Android platform. On the plus side, games work well even on older smartphones.

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