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CyanogenMod Introduces Nemesis [atualizado com link para download]

One week ago, the developers of CyanogenMod They released a video in which the mysterious Nemesis project was mentioned. Without giving much information, the video triggered the most diverse theories. Last weekend, the project was unveiled (at least partially). See what the Nemesis.

cyanogenmod wallpaper teaser
Nemesis finally revealed. / CyanogenMod

No iPhone ROM, no CyanogenMod smartphone, as some people thought. Nemesis a new version of CyanogenMod. Its developers promise an increasingly independent operating system, which will offer additional functions and not just modified pure Android.

For now, only one of these new functions has been shown: this is the Focal, a camera application that, among other properties, includes the PicSphere, itself a version of the popular PhotoSphere (until then exclusive to Google). The app also has the Panorama function, focus by tapping on the desired point of the screen, a side menu by sliding your finger to the right, double tapping to take a photo while making a video and more! Check out the demo video of Focal:

Link to video

The folks at CyanogenMod promise that Focal is just the first in a series of fantastic news that will come with Nemesis. wait and see.

Did you like Focal? What other functions would you like to see in Nemesis?

(Updated on 01/08/2013)

The folks at XDA developers have now made the Focal download available. Here is the link, and just download it as a normal APK. The site warns that the camera will close sometimes. As always, download at your own risk. Who already downloaded the Focal is invited to tell us their experiences in the comments.

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