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Check out first few photos of new ultra-compact Intel NUC 8th generation PCs

First images of ultra-compact desktop PCs Intel NUC Next-generation models emerged on the Internet, showing the differences between the highest-performing model and the lowest-performing model.

Official Website: Intel NUC

The main change is in the most powerful version of the device, which comes with a Core i7 8th generation (codename Coffee lake). It features a more robust heat sink that allows the device to better maintain its performance over long use sessions.

This version still has space for up to 3 SSDs or 2.5 inch HDDs with 6Gbps SATA connector, which is one more reason for its thicker.

Already the other two options, with Core i5 or Core i3, bring a less thick carcass because they require less heat dissipation. They also do not have space for the 3 extra SSDs or hard drives.

Nevertheless, all models have space for SSDs of the same type. M.2-2280 with full capabilities. According to the website TechPowerUp, retailers indicate the launch will take place in the first week of August.

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