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Bounty Arms also released for Android!

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
Kerosene Games

Bounty arms arrives for Android ahead of schedule. The game, in preparation for about a year, should initially be restricted to Tegra devices. Contrary to expectations, and luckily for everyone, he has been released in 3D but compatible with all android devices. See the details of the game.

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
An indoor level of Bounty Arms. / Kerosene Games

The game obviously shows its full potential in Tegra 3because your 3D animations use the Unreal engine to make action even more realistic. With regards to plot, in Bounty Arms one must choose one of 3 characters available and defeat the enemies to collect their pieces.

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
Ready to crush the enemy. / Kerosene Games

The disposition weapons are various and depend on the selected character. The pace of play can be quite fast in the 10 levels disposition. The strength of the game is the extra goals Achieving yourself through the levels, in particular climb the online ranking and finish tasks with the highest score. Following you can check out a video of the game:

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