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Boeing leads investments of $ 61 million in Matternet, drone delivery startup

The manufacturer of airplanes and other things like rockets, satellites and missiles Boeing announced that it is leading a $ 16 million investment in startup Matternet.

The small company, which was founded in Menlo park, at California, us USA, pioneer of drone deliveries in urban environments. They work with end-to-end delivery logistics involving drones, with their products being called: Matternet Station, Matternet Cloud and Matternet M2 Drone.

Boeing executives believe the airline's expertise in complex logistics, integration and manufacturing capabilities would be enough to take Matternet's platform to a new level.

"Matternet's technology and proven track record make the development of a safe and global autonomous area mobility system a short term reality. Our investment will enable Matternet to expand its operations while strengthening Boeing's position as a transport solutions leader. next generation ".– Brian Schettler, CEO of Boeing HorizonX Ventures

In 2017, Matternet became the first company on the planet to receive authorization to launch unmanned aerial vehicle operations over densely populated areas. Since then, the company has been conducting flights in partnership with the Swiss Postal Service for drug deliveries and on-demand examinations for hospitals.

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