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Bloomberg "confirms" iPad Pro with USB-C / Face ID and new MacBook on 10/30

THE Bloomberg may be in the middle of a huge mess with Apple and other tech giants, but Mark gurman It has nothing to do with it: The guy remains one of the most respected journalists in the industry, with an almost flawless rumored hit rate. Now, he's back "confirming" several of the rumors we've seen about what Ma will present at next week's event.

According to him, the update of the iPad Pro It will be the most significant in the history of the product and the one that finally puts Apple's professional tablet on par with Microsoft's Surfaces. The journalist's sources confirmed the recent rumors, pointing to new models with a USB-C port replacing the Lightning input, significantly reduced edges, Incio's button extinction and the arrival of Face ID (which works both horizontally and vertically).

We can also expect a different design with more ?square? sides (think of the first iPad or iPhone 5 / 5s / SE) and the presence of an even more powerful variation of the A12 Bionic chip, accompanied by a special Apple graphics chip. O Apple pencil, according to Gurman, will also be updated.

New Macs

Already in the field of Macs, Gurman pointed to the introduction of a new Macbook which would replace the MacBook Air we still do not know if it would be given the nomenclature ?Air?, a given suffix or would simply enter the MacBook line as a new device. The machine, according to the journalist, will have a higher resolution 13-inch screen than current MacBooks Air, with smaller edges.

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press kit

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An event update should also be presented at the event. Mac mini This has not happened since 2014! The new version of Apple's smallest computer is likely to have new processors and features focused on professional users, possibly at the expense of a price increase. We don't know if there are changes in design, either.

Gurman also mentioned that Apple is working on updates to the iMacs, iMacs Pro and MacBooks, with new processors. According to him, ?some of these updates? may be ready for release in October.

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