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Apple will continue to offer repair for some classic products

Last August, we made a pilot program which allows repairs to continue on a few products that are already considered classic. If you don't know, a classic product, according to Apple, is nothing more than a device that has already been discontinued (which it has stopped selling) five years ago. From then on, the company no longer offers any kind of repair / exchange service for it.

So two products were part of this pilot program: MacBook Air (2012) and iMac (2011) in the case of the MBA, we are talking about a global initiative; in the case of iMac, only in the US and Turkey. Now, as reported by the 9to5Mac it's the MacRumors, iPhone 5 (which has become a ?classic? product) has also joined the program. According to Ma internal documents, both official stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers (globally speaking) should continue to support the CDMA model until October 31, 2020, while coverage for the GSM model should extend to 30. December 2020.

The document also mentions other products that will soon be considered classic and will be part of the pilot program.

Starting on November 30, 2018:

  • iPhone 4s
  • 15 ? MacBook Pro (2012)

Starting December 30, 2018:

  • 13 ? MacBook Pro with Retina Display (end of 2012)
  • 13 ? MacBook Pro with Retina display (early 2013)
  • Retina Display 15 ? MacBook Pro (Mid 2012)
  • 15 ? MacBook Pro with Retina Display (early 2013)
  • Mac Pro (mid 2012)

As we are talking about a pilot program, if Apple Stores or Authorized Service Centers do not have a particular piece in stock, the service will obviously be denied.

The exact reason for the existence of this pilot program is still unknown. However, it is very likely that it is being implemented because of the large inventory of parts that the company still has of these products and, as we still have many people using such devices, it costs absolutely nothing to add the useful to the pleasant.

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