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Apple UK Releases New MacBook Air, Macs Mini Prices

Apple today launched its new models of MacBooks Air and Mini macs. We have already commented on their news here on the site, but now the time has come to talk about what we do not like: the prices of the machines.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

First of all, it is worth noting that MacBook Air became more expensive in the United States as well; before, the notebook cost from $ 1,000; Now, by then, the joke starts at $ 1,200 (according to Apple, because of the addition of the Retina display).

Here in Brazil, of course, the values ??also increased:

ModelOld SizeNew SizeVary
13 ? input $ 7,500 $ 10,400 38.7%
13 ? top of the line R $ 8,800 $ 12,000 24.8%

Mac mini

Mac mini

Already the Mac mini cost from $ 500 in the US and now it starts from $ 800.

Here is the price table here in Brazil:

ModelOld SizeNew SizeVary
input R $ 3,850 $ 7,000 81.8%
top of the line R $ 5,250 R $ 9,400 79.1%

Note that, previously, there were three models available (one input, one intermediate and one top of the line); Apple now offers only two options and the user can customize the machine to suit them. Also remembering that, as always, the Mac mini does not come with a keyboard, mouse, trackpad or any other monitor accessory.

Other Macs

Apple did not move prices on other Macs (MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and iMac Pro).