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Apple Releases iOS / iPadOS 13 Beta 4 [atualizado 4x: watchOS 6, tvOS 13 e Xcode 11]

One day after new betas of macOS Catalina 10.15, iOS 12.4 and watchOS 5.3 came out, which came after one of macOS Mojave 10.14.6, today is the turn of iOS / iPadOS 13 beta 4 (compilation 17A5534f).

This fourth beta of the operating system of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch was highly anticipated, as many users reported that there were some setbacks from Monday to the third, which is not uncommon in beta phases.

While polishing the system and fixing bugs, Apple can still make more visible changes here and there at this point. If we find something, of course, we will let you know.

At least for now, iOS / iPadOS 13 beta 4 is only available to developers. Soon, however, Apple should also release their third public beta (with an equivalent build) to members of the Apple Beta Software Program.

Ma's new systems should be officially launched for all users in September / October only. There is still plenty of water to roll

Update 07/17/2019 14:31

Apple also made available to developers today the watchOS 6 beta 4 (build 17R5532f), the tvOS 13 beta 4 (17J5526e) and the Xcode 11 beta 4 (11M374r).

In the same way, we will stay tuned and let everyone know if relevant news comes up in these new test builds.

Update II 7/17/2019 5:58 PM

Here's some news from iOS 13 beta 4!

There is a revamped look for quick action in iOS 13 beta 4, which now includes a ?Reorder Apps? button to go into shake mode without having to touch & hold.

Notice, too, that the menu itself has gotten smaller and that Apple has moved the icons on each line from left to right; In addition, there is a new internal adjustment to set the duration of the ringtone (slow or fast). To VentureBeat, all this work that Apple has done, is rather a strong indication of the imminent end of the 3D Touch.

IOS 13 beta 4 audio uploadThe audio messaging icon in Messaging has moved from a microphone to a sound wave.

Other than that there are other small details, such as a color inversion on the share sheet buttons (now white on a gray background), widescreen edit button, new animation when sharing images, among others.

This new beta also addresses the vulnerability that gave access to user passwords.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac

Update III 7/17/2019 6:34 PM

Good discovery of Brazilian Guilherme Rambo:


In iPadOS (13) beta 4, if you hold down the "globe" key and press "Delete" on the Smart Keyboard, it will delete forward, just like pressing the "Fn" key on a Mac. ?

Update IV 7/18/2019 2:32 PM

Apple has just made available to members of the Apple Beta Software Program the third public test compilations of iOS 13, of iPadOS 13, of macOS Catalina 10.15 It's from tvOS 13.

Have them see the tests! ??