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Apple expected to dominate 5G smartphone sales by 2020

Apple does not currently market any handset with 5G. Although a fairly nascent market, many Ma competitors already offer top-of-the-line smartphones with support for fifth-generation networks such as Samsung and Huawei.

So we can say without fear that Apple today is the last placed in this ranking of 5G handsets (along with many others who do not even consider implementing such support). But that has everything to change in 2020. And when I say "change", I mean leaving the last place for the first, basically at least according to Strategy Analytics.

As we know, Apple traditionally launches the new line of iPhones in mid-September. That is, it is only three and a half months marketing the new models, but according to SA, that will be enough for Apple to take the lead in 2020.

5G market in 2020

Ken Hyers, director of Strategy Analytics, said that if the company even puts 5G devices on the market by 2020, it simply needs to market what it normally sells in launches to take the top spot.

The only point here is that Hyers talks about three Apple devices with 5G support next year. Although the rumors did cover this possibility, some older people realized that Apple would implement such support only in the successors of the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhones. The successor to the 11 would still come with limited 4G / LTE connectivity.

According to Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, Associate Director of Strategy Analytics, ?Samsung is currently the undisputed leader in the 5G smartphone market. But with the two largest 5G markets in 2020, China and the US, dominated by Huawei and Apple, respectively, these two vendors are expected to lead 5G next year. ?

As much as this market is no longer the same, it demonstrates the strength iPhone still has.

via MacRumors