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App Ops – a hidden permission manager on Android 4.3

In addition to the new official functions announced by Google, there are also hidden possibilities in the new version of Android 4.3 operating system. Ron Amadeo of Android Police, made a particularly interesting discovery.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
Meet the Ops / Google / CC BY 2.0 App amagill @ Flickr

Although not yet implemented, the latest version of Jelly Bean hides a permission management software of applications. Oops app It would be the name of the program that lets you decide which app can what on your smartphone.

In order for the user to manage application authorizations, the permission manager offers two viewing modes. In the first, all permissions granted by the device are divided into four tabs: location, personal, messages and device, with the corresponding apps that use them. In the personal tab, for example, we will find the Google+ app and alongside the permissions to read and modify contacts.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
Apps / Android Police Overview

The other display mode highlights a single app and the corresponding permissions are already granted. Each authorization is accompanied by an on / off button that allows it to be disabled without affecting the functioning of the app. By disabling Facebook location, for example, the app will no longer be able to detect where we are, but we can continue to read and post comments, send messages, etc.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
The permissions of an app in detail. / Android Police

As said, the Oops app is already on Android 4.3, but has not been enabled. An application has just been made available (download here) to start the manager who owns Android 4.3, but as a function not yet officially released, the download and installation are at your own risk. Big news in the Android stock – already present, however, in the universe of custom ROMs.

If you have tried the manager, leave your impressions to other readers in the comments!

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