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7 Ways to Leverage Your Old Notebook

Do not throw it away. If you are going to change laptops and do not want to sell or pass on to another person, you can use it for various purposes. We have listed seven tips on how to reuse an old device.

First of all, it is important to evaluate the condition of the device. Make sure it turns on normally, if all keys are present and if they work properly, if the hard drive is in good condition or needs to be replaced.

1. Install Linux


You can replace old Windows with Linux. The system has the advantage of being more secure and can even run applications unique to the Microsoft system with the help of specific tools. Choose the version that best suits your interests and get to know (or deepen your knowledge on) a new platform.

2. Turn the notebook into a Chromebook


You can use Google's Chromium system on your device to access the internet and use cloud applications. The advantage is that in this case the processing power of the PC will be no problem.

3. Create your own network attached storage system

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If the device has a large hard drive, it can be used as a network attached storage system. You can transfer the files to the hard drive and make it available to any device you want. It is also possible to allow access from other locations. For more information, click here.

4. Build your own Media Center


Turn your computer into a hub for connecting TV and viewing images, movies, and even accessing Netflix. If you want to know more, click learn how to create a switch.

5. Turn it into a webcam

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The notebook can turn into a security camera and help monitor your home. To do this, download iSpy, a free surveillance application for Windows.

6. Turn the notebook into a digital picture frame

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The idea is a bit odd, but your notebook can turn into a digital picture frame. The process is simple and fully described here.

7. Donate the brain of your science device

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The SETI @ home project connects your PC to a network and leverages the device's processor to help analyze radio data. This means that you can help in the search for aliens. Download Boinc software and select SETI @ home from the list of available projects. If you prefer, you can help with medicine and climate analysis projects.

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