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4G in Brazil loses in quality and coverage, but is ahead of Japan in speed

The 4G in Brazil is a subject that yields a lot for several reasons: coverage, quality and speed. And a ranking of OpenSignal, the entity that rates LTE's speed and coverage around the world, has disclosed what we already lacked: Brazil needs to invest a lot in coverage of networks of this standard.

Interestingly, however, the average download speed is not that bad. We explain: A ranking that evaluates the quality of 4G download speed around the world released interesting data about Brazil. The country is among the top 50 in this regard by the 4G network – more precisely occupying the 42 position in the list.

With an average speed of 12 Mbps (12 Megabit per second download), we are ahead of nations like Japan and the USA, but behind others like Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Data refer to the fourth quarter of 2015.

Brazil is in 42 position in the 4G world speed ranking

However, the situation was better for Brazil in the third quarter of the same year, as the country occupied the 24th position in the ranking with an average of 16 Mbps. Thus, we can conclude that the country has retreated not only in connection speed, but also in 4G quality and coverage.

Check out the ranking released by OpenSignal below:

open signal 4g
4G / OpenSignal Worldwide Coverage Ranking

Along with the average download speed, Brazil has fallen in coverage compared to other countries. In the third quarter of last year, when the speed was better, 4G coverage in the country corresponded to 53% of the national territory. Now, with a difference of 4 Mbps less, LTE's national coverage has risen to 51%.

What we can deduce is that the 4G user base has grown, without operators having invested in infrastructure to keep up with this growth. Something similar to what happened with 3G a few years ago that resulted in laughable speeds over time.

But we can also ask another question: is what 4G is here (still) fast because the coverage is good or because no one is using it? After all, based on coverage data, 4G is covering just over half of the country.

Take the test: Turn off Wi-Fi and see if 4G appears for you. And what connection is available to you right now?

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