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10 open source applications you can use on Windows and Linux

I find it very interesting that open source programs that started only in the Linux world have gained versions for other platforms like Windows and Mac, this brings things together a lot and makes people move freely between platforms, which something very positive.

10 open source apps

I have listed here 10 open source applications that I use practically every day that could be used on Windows as well. I think it's important to emphasize the importance of this, when good applications exist on multiple platforms, someone using Windows can switch to Linux without missing a lot of programs and the opposite is also true.

Check out my list of 10 open source applications that can be used on both platforms.

Firefox Linux and Windows

One of the most popular browsers in the world and used by millions of people is present on both platforms, the experience of using Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Linux is basically the same, so in a possible migration this will not make much difference. Of course Firefox is not the only cross-platform browser, we have other options that converge, such as Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera and others.

GIMP for Linux and WIndows I use GIMP every day, in fact all the images you are seeing in this article were made in it. GIMP can also be used on Windows without major problems, including our modification, the PhotoGIMP, can be used on Microsoft system as well. It is a great program for image manipulation. Inkscape for Windows and Linux Another program I often use, not as much as GIMP, but still often Inkscape. A program for vector images. You can see some work done with him on his own blog and channel logo, on the DioStore also and some other projects here on the site. Inkscape is available for use on Windows without any problems. Kdenlive Windows and Linux This is one of my favorite software of all, recently Kdenlive has gained a port for Windows, which is actually still in progress, you can see it running on Windows on this video from our channel. For those who don't know, Kdenlive is a nonlinear video editor that is very close to being the best completely free video editing application with no paid versions with more features. It is very worth knowing. VirtualBox for Windows and Linux LibreOffice for Windows and Linux

LibreOffice is a great office suite that should cater to most computer users. The biggest problem that Libre users have is opening Microsoft Office documents without deconfiguring the document, this is not Libre's fault, but the very proprietary Office format that is meant to work only on it.

Putting this aside, LibreOffice's functions serve a variety of governments around the world and several companies and one of the most relevant open source software in the market. The same LibreOffice you can use on Linux you can use on Windows.

OBS Studio

This is a program that became very popular with YouTubers, OBS Studio has Linux and Windows version and allows you to make screen capture on your computer or make live streams for YouTube, among many other functions.

Today it is a very important program for the production of the Diolinux channel.

VLC Windows and Linux

The VLC is one of the best multimedia players out there, legend has it that it "plays to Danone's lid". This is because VLC has several codecs included in the program itself, which does not require the installation of additional packages to play almost any media type.

Audacity Windows and Linux

Another very important program for those who produce content, especially audio. Audacity is a very useful free and open audio editor, especially for noise reduction in files recorded outdoors.

Thunderbird Windows and Linux

Another program I often use is Thunderbird, a program for managing email accounts. It is simple and functional, also has version for all platforms. I have already attended a few companies doing Thunderbird deployment in place in Microsoft Outlook.

There are many others

There are other programs that can be used on both platforms, including most of this list can also be used on Apple macOS, not just Windows and Linux. Feel free to post in the comments more programs you like that have versions for all platforms.

See you next time!

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