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Zombie Derby | AndroidPIT

Games and movies featuring zombies as protagonists abound. Zombie Derby does nothing more than follow the pattern of this Android filo. To know what is special about it, we recommend that you read our app review today, because we will talk about it.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None

Zombie Derby, in many ways, is very similar to Hill Climb Racing. The operation in general is the same: it is necessary to acquire vehicles, gradually give them power and overcome several routes to reach a certain destination. The difference between the two games that Zombie Derby ends and their levels, therefore, does not go to infinity.

At the same time, however, the player will have to deal with the Zombie element and fight the creatures while aboard the vehicle. At the end of each level you unlock the next and you can use the coins collected during the game to upgrade or even to change cars. The parts that modify the car are the engine, the tank, the speed, the tires and the cockpit.

Its very simple concept favors the race at high scores. The car must be guided through a great deal of spectacles, and zombies, of course, until the end of the journey.

In short:

Zombie Derby is a good racing game experience that contains all the features of a classic zombie game. Long-term motivation may be lacking, especially when all traces have already been unlocked. Once the first round of a plot is completed, the second round coins have lower values.

Screen & Controls

As for the details of Zombie Derby's 3D graphic, it cannot be said that the game is part of the latest generation of Android apps. Nevertheless, he is nonetheless oriented towards his end. The controls are pretty simple, but could be better in terms of reaction: There are many situations where you have to double click to get into the game garage. Not to mention that the objects inside it are not displayed correctly.

Speed ??& Stability

Zombie Derby worked perfectly during our tests: no stability issues and slow.

Price / Performance Ratio

Zombie Derby can be downloaded for free from Google Play and you don't need to buy real money objects, although possible. For 1 euro the user can buy 2000 game coins.