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Xiaomi exported about 32 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2018

According to the financial report released by Xiaomi, the Chinese company even exported to 32 million of smartphones in this second quarter of year of 2018. The report also points to a profit of $ 2.1 billion for same period.

More than two-thirds of the company's profit came from the sale of smartphones and another large portion of the sale of smart TVs and other smart gadgets.

Gradually the company is increasing its worldwide popularity, 36% of its profit already comes from the international market. Although this increase comes predominantly from India, Xiaomi He said that there is progress in Indonesia and in European countries.


Xiaomi launches its new handset in India focusing on cost x benefit

The growth of Xiaomi It is partly due to its devices known for bringing a good hardware specification and an affordable price. Just yesterday the company announced the Pocophone F1, a smartphone that costs about $ 300 and has inside a Snapdragon 845, latest generation processor, read the news.

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