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Withings wants to compete with Fitbit and launches Pulse HR fitness bracelet

Almost two months after returning to the market with the Steel HR hybrid watch line, the French Withings launched a bracelet for physical activity monitoring, the Pulse HR slightly similar to Fitbit Charge 3.

Withings Pulse HR

O gadget It's not really new to Withings in the area: In 2013, the company launched Smart Activity Tracker, a device that measures users' performance in different physical activities. The following year, the manufacturer announced Activit, a watch that had sensors to monitor physical activity.

Withings Pulse HR

Pulse HR, on the other hand, has new features and technologies that are far from the old accessories of Withings. More specifically, the device housing is made of stainless steel at the rear and has a sensor that uses photoplethysmography to verify the user's heart rate at ten-minute intervals with more frequent measurements during physical activity.

To accomplish all this, the device has been equipped with a battery that can last up to 20 days in normal mode or then 5 days in exercise mode.

On the front, an OLED screen displays some synchronized smartphone notifications, such as calls, messages, and calendar events in addition to heart rate measurement data, exercise steps, distance traveled, calories, and alarm.

Withings Pulse HR

Like the manufacturer's hybrid watch, Pulse HR includes monitoring over 30 different activities such as yoga, volleyball and boxing. It also automatically recognizes more than 10 activities that use GPS, such as walking, running and swimming, being resistant to up to 50 meters deep in the water.

Other features of gadget They also include sleep monitoring (Pulse HR provides updates to the user's habit and calculates how long he has been sleeping or awake). As Smart wake-upIt is possible to set a vibrating alarm that will wake the user at the ideal time set within their sleep cycle (lighter and deeper sleeps).

Withings Pulse HR

The device automatically syncs over Bluetooth with Withings Health Mate app (available for iOS and Android). The software also stores your health data, activity progress and provides personalized tips to keep you motivated.

Pulse HR is priced at $ 130 and is pre-sold at Withings online store, expected to ship from December. The bracelets of gadget They are silicone and are available in different colors.

Withings Health Mate app icon

via TechCrunch