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With these 5 tips you do not need to upgrade your phone to Android Marshmallow

The new version of Android officially arrived in late September and your phone has not yet received the operating system update, right? Whenever a new version of Android hits the market, the interest in having the new system features great. However, I don't always have to wait for the coolest features of the new Android, just go to the Google Play Store. In this article you can check out how to get the best features of Android Marshmallow without having to update your phone operating system!

1. Marshmallow Lanador

What would it be like to eat an apple, but in the shape of a banana? At least weird. Just as things around us are shaped, Android Marshmallow has a unique look. Thus, it would be no use having the OS functions if the user interface is still from KitKat. So, first of all, the first tip goes to download Nova Launcher.

new marshmallow launcher
Who sees heart doesn't see you: With Nova Launcher you have the same Marshmallow UI. / ANDROIDPIT

As you can see in the images above, both the look of your home page and the Marshmallow app drawer. In the example above I am using the Galaxy S5, but we would like all the UI look worthy of a Nexus device! Take advantage of the No Launcher Prime version at a discount and have even more options for setting up your Android user interface.

Nova Launcher
Install on Google Play

Nova Launcher Prime
Install on Google Play

2. Twelve Battery Mode

One of the features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the feature designed to conserve the power of the Twelve device. Using it, you can monitor the activities of your smartphone or tablet to put apps to "sleep", thus saving the battery of your device.

For those who don't have a smartphone running Marshmallow yet, there's an app called "Twelve" on the Play Store that offers even more advanced features than Android 6.0 Marshmallow's native mode, and is compatible with any device running Android 4.1 or higher. . To learn how the app works, check out our test at the link below:

twelve app
The Twelve app will offer a very similar Twelve Mode experience on Android Marshmallow. / ANDROIDPIT

3. Now On Tap

Yes, I'm a fan of the Now on Tap service, but my Xperia Z2 hasn't received Android 6.0 Marshmallow yet. However, there is a very similar service that is available even before Now on Tap. Bing Search, by Microsoft competitor, is already doing a great job of scanning your smartphone screen and offering options for topics it recognizes on the screen.

bing search now on tap marshmallow
Want information without too many clicks, use Bing Search and have the same experience as Now on Tap right now. / ANDROIDPIT

Using it I can receive instruction on places, movie programming, online store referrals for buying products, and referral services for further action, such as an online search on a topic found on screen. This feature completely changes the way we interact with our phone by making it integrated and easy to use.

bing search marshmallow now on tap
Find information fast and around you with Bing Search. / ANDROIDPIT

However, like Now On Tap, Bing Search can also be used only when your smartphone's language is set to English.

Microsoft Bing Search Engine
Install on Google Play

4. Chrome Custom Tabs

Have you ever imagined being able to access the AndroidPIT Facebook articles without leaving the social networking app? Without waiting for Chrome to open a new page so you can read the site's content? With the "Chrome Custom Tabs" feature you can improve the performance of any application where you need to open a web page.

Although it does not work exactly like Chrome Custom Tabs, Link Bubble offers a very similar result: instead of opening a dedicated, low-memory window, the link will load in the background and appear as a floating bubble on the screen.

link bubble chrome custom tabs
Don't waste your time waiting to open the Chrome tab, use Link Bubble! / ANDROIDPIT

While loading the background page you will be able to continue using the Facebook app, for example, instead of wasting time looking at a moving bar. Once the page loads completely, a number will appear in the Link Bubble bubble and you will notice a small animation. Clicking on the bubble will find everything ready for viewing, as shown in the image above. Super recommend this app!

Bubble link
Install on Google Play

5. App Link

Do you know when you click on a link for a particular app, such as Facebook, and a message appears at the bottom of the screen asking which app you want to open that link with? Because in Android Marshmallow there is a feature called Link App that makes this message no longer appear.

tappath marshmallow link app
For each action, an app. Get Marshmallow's "App Link" feature with TapPath. / ANDROIDPIT

However, for over a year there is an application called TapPath that does the same service. This app is able to automate this process and save us several seconds, making our navigation more efficient. With TapPath you can open any link in three different ways, according to the way we select it. To see a full TapPath test, visit the article below:

TapPath Browser Helper
Install on Google Play

For more app tips available on the Play Store that have the same function now offered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow, read this article on how to have all Android 6.0 Marshmallow functions now on your smartphone.

All applications mentioned in this article have been installed on Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5, both running Android Lollipop.

And which of these functions do you already use and what is your opinion about them?

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