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WhatsApp would be planning standalone iPad, Mac and PC apps [atualizado]

Among all (many) orders placed by users of the Whatsappmost likely probably the functionality multiplataform that is, the ability to use the messenger freely on various devices without necessarily relying on a connection to the mobile phone. Two of WhatsApp's main competitors, iMessage and Telegram, work this way, and it is possible that the Facebook platform will also gain functionality soon.

Who brought the news was the WABetaInfo, generally accurate source for possible news from WhatsApp. They often talk about future features based on beta analysis, but they also have a good understanding of Facebook's internal messenger plans, which is exactly the case here.

According to the site, the WhatsApp development team is actually working on an update for the messenger that will allow your independent access on multiple devices at the same timeby ridding your account of the mobile domain. This will allow you to use the app, say on an Android smartphone and an iPhone at the same time, or on the already speculated iPad app, or on a new desktop app.

Yes, for computers: still according to WABetaInfo, the update will be bundled with a new PC application (and presumably for Macs as well, although there is no information about it) that will replace WhatsApp Web and also provide independent messenger access.

According to the source, there is still no prediction of when the news will reach users, but we may still have to wait a few months for it. The reason for the delay would be the challenge currently being faced by WhatsApp developers to maintain the same level of security currently presented by the app in its new version.

It is explained: currently the messenger adopts an end-to-end encryption system in which messages are encrypted on the handsets themselves and there is only a key to decrypt them (which is of course on the handset itself). With the transition to the multiplatform format, this strategy would no longer work and WhatsApp is expected to adopt the same Apple technology in iMessage, which spreads random encryption keys across each device registered to an account.

When the old good team ZapZap Defining how this obstacle will be overcome will surely be a matter of time until we see the new (and much more convenient) version of the messenger. Important, no?

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via 9to5Mac

Update by Eduardo Marques 7/30/2019 7:50 PM

According to WABetaInfo, everything is properly confirmed:

No more rumor, it's confirmed. You'll be able to use your WhatsApp account on many devices!

This includes WhatsApp for Windows (UWP, when available), so you can use WhatsApp on your PC if your iPhone has no connection. iPhone / Android and iPadOS included. ?

Obviously, even with ?confirmation?, this project could still take a long time to get off the ground.