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We want your opinion: What is the best incoming smartphone of 2015?

The input range has always brought together smartphones with two very strong features: dual-SIM and digital TV. By 2015, however, these extras expanded beyond the low end and were taken to mid-range and top-end models. Few entry models have shone this year, however, it is always possible to find options that stand out for some features. Help us choose the best incoming smartphone of 2015. Take our poll!

The input range has always been intended for users looking for devices with modest specs that run casual games and some social networks. Earlier this year we had the pleasant release of Moto E 2015, which was accompanied in parallel by a full line of LG entry, which includes LG Volt and LG Leon as protagonists.

However, no device stood out in this segment like Redmi 2, especially after the advent of Redmi 2 Pro. The arrival of Xiaomi in Brazil was accompanied by the input device with intermediate features.

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Redmi 2 was a great low-end release in 2015. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The final decision is yours: vote for what you consider the best incoming smartphone of the year. The options are few, so be sure to carefully review each device we select. Oh, if anyone else is not listed in our poll, let us know through the comments below – we will count all the votes!</p>
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