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Video tells how Arch Linux was created

Keeping the KISS concept alive, today we will get to know the story of Arch Linux creation in detail.

Arch is a Canadian-based Linux distribution that has taken a liking to thousands of people around the world, today we will understand what was the birth of one of the systems that managed to bring the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Concept to the most. public.

Arch Linux - The Story of Distro Our channel friends Tux Workshop produced a really cool video to tell you about how it originated from one of the most iconic distributions in the world of Linux, Arch Linux. Back in the chair and follow the beast's light:

Arch Linux was originally developed by Canadian Judd Vinet. Its development has always been applied to the minimalism and simplicity of code, always hoping that the user will be the determining part to bring the cohesion that he expects to the system. One of the great highlights of Arch, as it is called, is without doubt the Pacman package manager (Package Manager), which was written especially for the system and is still used today to install, remove, search, and upgrade system packages, that is, to make software management.

Arch Linux uses the so-called model Rolling release This means that there are no "versions" of Arch as we have in Ubuntu or Debian. The user installs the system only once and only updates, or at least this is the premise.

Another great highlight is the Arch User Repository (AUR) repository, which as the acronym implies, is the Arch Linux user / developer community repository where you will find packages for just about any program available for Linux.

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