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Top Youtubers Post DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom Reviews

The new drones Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom were released DJI yesterday, august 23rd, and right after that the top youtubers already posted their gadget reviews.

As the site points out Drone DJ, the main questions about the new products were answered by the videos. For example, the channel review iPhonedo (at 4:15 am) shows that you can use ND filters in Mavic 2 Pro.

Meanwhile, the channel analysis iJustine (at 6min5) shows how the new drones are capable of slow-motion shooting at 120fps in Full HD resolution.

Another question that was answered in the reviews was that the new drones are capable of handling high winds. The information is in the channel analysis. Kai Wat 3min5.

The iPhonedo channel analysis still makes a comparison with the Original Mavic Pro and shows that the Mavic Pro Platinum still the quietest drone from the manufacturer. In addition, the new gadgets bring better performance in low light situations.


Company presented news at event that happened today in NY

J a review of CaseyNeistat points out that the gimbal's plastic cover still has problems, makes a comparison of image quality with various drones, and points out that it preferred the Mavic 2 Zoom over the Pro.

Other points that were raised in the analyzes are the new sensors with better obstacle detection, greater stability, functions Hyperlapse and ActiveTrack and the battery life.

Check out more reviews in the videos below:

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