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This is how you share albums in the new Google Photos!

After a birthday, party with friends or a walk in the park, each one gets the photos they took with their smartphone. This is because sharing them is often laborious. To address this, Google has released Google Photos "Shared Albums," see how to use them.

How to share albums on Google Photos

Sharing a selection of photos and videos just got a lot faster and easier, just a few steps:

  • Select what you want to share;
  • Tap the share icon;
  • Tap on "New shared album";
  • Select the application you want to share the album by;
  • Send the link.
shared photos1
Select and create an album. / ANDROIDPIT
shared photos2
Share the link normally. / ANDROIDPIT
shared photos3
Share, edit, add and rename the album. / ANDROIDPIT

The shared album can allow other people to add photos and videos to it, so all records of an event can be concentrated in one place easily and quickly. Album sharing is available on the mobile and desktop version of Fotos and comes with a server upgrade.

Google Photos
Install on Google Play

Avoid embarrassment

However, there are two very important points to keep in mind when sharing albums:

  • Check out which photos have been selected, nobody wants to send the photos of the ballad to the family group;
  • Once link Once created, anyone can view the photos and even download them, all it takes is a Google account to add photos and receive updates.

Also, never forget that by sharing an image, you lose control over it!

shared photos4
albums in Photos and notifications. / ANDROIDPIT

Since the May release, Google Photos has greatly improved and is one of the best backup options. The function of sharing albums finally brought the possibility of creating albums in the application, since it is possible to create an album and not to share it with anyone.

Are you already using shared albums on Google Photos? What are you thinking?

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