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These were the most used emojis of 2015!

A picture is worth a thousand words! This popular saying is well known, and when it comes to social media communication, the image in question is often represented by so-called emojis. You know them, those colorful smiley faces, hearts and many other figures that we use day to day to express the most diverse feelings, and that are very successful among users. Such stickers are present on Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype and virtually any messaging application. And it was Twitter that released the most popular emoji of 2015.

The Twitter list includes the 10 most used emoji on microblogging in 2015, and since they are practically universal, they were also probably the most used on other social networks. Tears of joy were the users' favorite emoji, followed by the heart-eyed emoji and the tears-of-sadness face, completing the podium.

emojis 2015
The 3 favorite emoji of 2015. / ANDROIDPIT

Fourth and fifth are the emojis with a slight smile and the heart, respectively. Next up are sixth double hearts and seventh the emoji of three twinkling stars.

cats crop
At least on social networks 2015 was a year of much love and happiness! / ANDROIDPIT

In eighth place we have an emoji with a discreet kiss with a little heart. Ninth, we have the "Clap! Clap! Clap!", Which can either be used to congratulate someone or even used sarcastically to highlight any slip made by the person. Finally we have a very versatile emoji, as the flames can indicate an event that is in full swing, a short circuit in your apartment, a moment of adrenaline and more, after all what the emojis are for: to express feelings that maybe not can be defined by words.

cats crop2
Completing the top 10. / ANDROIDPIT

What about you from those who use emojis a lot? Tell us which ones you used most in 2015!

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