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Taxi-Calculator | AndroidPIT

Many of you may have already gone through the situation of being in an unfamiliar city and completely distrusting the taxi driver, thinking that he could take a much longer route to your destination. At such times, it's always good to get an idea of ??how much a taxi ride to a predefined destination really costs. If you are in Europe, this is already possible with an app named Taxi-Calculator. How about continuing to read our test app to learn more about it?

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

Taxi-Calculator takes up less than 1 MB of internal memory and your permissions are basic and completely tied to the app's functions, such as the user's current location. That is, the app can be installed without major paranias.

It offers a quick view of the likely cost of taxi rides, requiring no more than indications of origin and destination locations. Alternatively, you can also choose the current location via GPS to set the starting point.

It is also possible to indicate the starting point of the race through a map. Such a resource is very useful for those who already know the city, but do not remember the name of a certain street, although they know landmarks in the neighborhood. The estimated price is based on around 290 miscellaneous fares and take into account the distance traveled by taxi. Of course there are price differences according to race times, the well-known flags 1 and 2 in Brazil.

The user can also create home addresses and select the option to take me home to calculate the cost of the route from my current location. In app options, you can still determine if the address should be saved as source or destination or if this information should be specified each time the app is used.

How accurate is the price estimate the app provides? Let's say there is a maximum swing of 5% up or down. In our tests, the maximum difference between the final and the estimated price was 2 euros. In general, estimates are therefore reliable. The fact that the app deserves to be installed on smartphones of users who make constant use of taxi.


Taxi-Calculator offers great functions for calculating the cost of taxi travel. The only review to mention is the fact that routes automatically selected by Google Maps are not always the fastest. Professional taxi drivers tend to be smarter than Google Maps and choose shortcuts that avoid traffic, for example. Most important of the app is that it does not even provide price quotes so absurd compared to the final real price.

Screen & Controls

The very intuitive Taxi-Calculator. The app follows the Holo standard and all its main functions are displayed on the main screen. The various address entry methods make it simple to select routes. What complements the good service of the app is that you can contact different taxi companies in a few clicks.

Speed ??& Stability

Taxi-Calculator worked great all the time we tested it.

Price / Performance Ratio

Taxi-Calculator can be downloaded for free from the AndroidPIT App Center. Banner ads can be disabled, which deprives the user of receiving ads on the main screen of the app.