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Solus OS 4 comes with big news for end users

Solus OS distro is coming version 4 with support for Snap packages and better hardware detection

Making a distribution absolutely from scratch, without relying on anything else, may seem crazy to many, but Solus OS developers have come up with this "madness" and are about to release version 4 of the operating system with lots of interesting news.

Solus OS 4

Solus OS still remains a simple system, in the best sense of the word, being extremely straightforward, distro has been creating tools that make everyday life easier for its users.

The system follows the "Rolling Release" model, which means that once you have installed it, you just have to upgrade the system indefinitely to get the latest versions and enhancements implemented.

Together with Solus OS, we had the release of Budgie Desktop, which for me is a very interesting reimagining of GNOME 3, but over time, the distro started to offer other interfaces as well, like GNOME 3 itself. and the MATE interface.

Solus version 4, due out January 4, is very interesting and important, it brings native support for Snap packages Ubuntu directly into your Application Center and have a new and improved driver detection.

According to the developers of the distro, this dynamic hardware detection feature will go beyond what desktop-facing distros often offer today, such as installing proprietary drivers for video cards and Wi-Fi network cards, offering more specific things. , such as drivers for Razer peripherals and printer models.

Solus OS 4 should ship with the Linux 4.14 LTS Kernel and Mesa 17.3, which should help improve performance with open source drivers for Intel and AMD cards. Although users are eagerly awaiting Budgie Desktop version 11, Solus 4 should arrive with a more modest update to the graphical environment, arriving at version 10.4.1, however, updates, like any good Rolling Release distro, should arrive with the time.

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