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Samsung introduces prototype of its folding smartphone

Raises the hand who has been for at least a decade hearing about the dream of folding smartphones and had already put the perspective on the shelf of urban legends because of the silence of manufacturers about it. Well, today Samsung finally showed that his intentions in the field are real.

Samsung folding smartphone prototype

South Korean's presentation comes after months of teasers and although it features a functional smartphone equipped with the unfailing folding screen, it still doesn't represent the launch of a product: the device was displayed with dimmed lights and dressed in a kind of "cover" so that details of its industrial design were not revealed before. so cool.

What is already known about the infamous smartphone displayed at the event is as follows: it has a 7.3 inch screen that can be folded like a wallet, as well as a second secondary screen for when the device is closed. Three applications can run on it simultaneously, increasing productivity.

Just one concrete fact: Samsung intends to start mass production of the so-called Infinity Flex Display (the panel that equips the device) until next year and from then sell it to other manufacturers at Apple or use it on your own device. The smartphone itself presented today still has no name or expected release date.

Still, it is a boon to see that South Koreans are moving ahead with technology and that other companies like Microsoft, Xiaomi, Huawei and LG They are also trying to run after them to achieve similar achievements. , it looks like the next few years will be interesting in the smartphone world

via Cult of Mac