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S Voice gains support for Brazilian Portuguese on S4

Samsung's smart personal assistant, S Voice, won Brazilian Portuguese support on Galaxy S4 phones this week without any official warning from South Korea. To change the language, just open the app, touch MENU, SETUP, LANGUAGE and select PORTUGUESE.

galaxy s4 void commmand
S Voice, now on EN / AndroidPIT

Samsung promised, when S Voice was released along with Galaxy SIII, support for PT-BR. Now that support for our language has arrived, it has done so only for S4. However, it is possible to install S Voice in Portuguese on various other devices, such as Note II and even Nexus 4 !, through the APK. As it is possible to port the S Voice to the S2 Lite, I imagine that it is also possible to port the version with PT / BR support …

Below is a video from mobilexpert showing how the assistant works in Portuguese:

Link to video on Youtube.

Siri's competitor has gained an advantage on Brazilian land, but I don't think it will become a major competitive advantage if not accompanied by Samsung advertising. As the company needs this a lot …

Did you install S Voice on English BR? Share your experience with the assistant in the comments.

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