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Rob vacuum Roomba i7 + empties your dirt compartment by yourself

The North American manufacturer iRobot Launched a new rob vacuum cleaner that has the ability to empty its dirt compartment by itself. He arrives with the name of Roomba i7 + with the most expensive price ever charged for a product of the line: $ 949 ($ 3,910 direct conversion) in international markets.

To be able to clean itself, Roomba i7 + uses a special base called CleanBase. In addition to charging the device, it performs a number of other functions.

The main one is to store the dirt collected by the vacuum cleaner and can collect the equivalent of 30 gadget cleanings tailings. That is, if you clean the house every day with the robot, it will take 1 ms until the base is full and needs human intervention.

ClenBase has its own vacuum cleaner, which is the system responsible for sucking up dirt from Roomba i7 +. IRobot's promise that air will not escape during the process, which prevents dust and other particles from spreading through the environment.

The base already comes with two dust bags included. A package with 3 new bags costs $ 15 in international markets.

The new Roomba i7 + starts selling from September 12, 2018 on United States and in Canada for $ 949. There is no information on arrival in other markets.

It is available without CleanBase for $ 699. CleanBase alone costs $ 299, but at the moment it only works with Roomba i7 +.

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