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Rarity: Video shows Apple Park interior in all its glory [atualizado]

Videos from Apple park there are buzzes on the Internet: whether it's catching drones or filming from campus open areas, such as its Visitor Center, Ma's headquarters' audiovisual content not lacking in the large computer network.

The internal areas of the campus, however, are another story: they are closed to visitors and, apart from a photograph or other published in recent months (apart from the descriptions made by Apple executives themselves or others involved in the project), we do not have many footage of these spaces available on the internet. Well, now we have one!

A YouTube user published a video tour a few months ago of various internal parts of Apple Park the video had gone unnoticed until now when it was spotted by the publisher of the The loopDave Mark. No one knows exactly how he got permission to film the spaces, and it is very likely that, now that it is popular, the video will be knocked over at any moment by Ma.

In the video, we can see the Apple Park driveway and its gigantic parking lot, as well as an inside view of the Steve Jobs Theater. On it, a plaque explains that the visitor is in the largest fully glass-supported structure in the world, and that the hills surrounding the theater were designed to evoke the landscape of the Bay area Californian.

We also have several footage of the campus open areas, with abundant local vegetation and defined walking trails, and one of the spaceships' triples, where one of the staff restaurants is located. The mysterious cameraman also walked through some of the building's mezzanines and corridors, displaying some details of the meticulous construction.

Good, isn't it?

Update by Rafael Fischmann 11/21/2019 s 21:45

As expected, the video did not stay in the air for long.

tip of Maurcio Chiesa