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Rappi deliverers complain about damage with the app | Productivity

Delivery applications are practical for consumers, profitable for businesses, and create jobs for couriers. However, the working relationship behind the mobile screen can generate controversy. This is the case of Rappi, which has been receiving motoboy complaints because of its order cancellation policies, cash payment guidelines, and amounts passed on per race.

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Samuel Ramos one of the dissatisfied with the way Rappi deals with the delivery companies. He has been working as a motoboy for 5 months for the app. He leaves home early and returns at night, in an intense routine of racing, traffic jams and the natural risks of working on the street. "All I want to have a lot of orders and no cancellations. Because I'm going to make money, if only a little. Not to have a headache solving problems I didn't create," he says before going to work.

Rappi's deliveryman reports problems handling the application Photo: Louise Rodrigues / TechTudoRappi's deliveryman reports problems handling the application Photo: Louise Rodrigues / TechTudo

Rappi's deliveryman reports problems handling the application Photo: Louise Rodrigues / TechTudo

How the Rappi Deliverers app works

Available only for Android, the application requires the person concerned to be of legal age and to register, informing personal data, validating the National Driver's License (CNH) and choosing the delivery area to start working. You can also do your own work schedule.

Rappi divides its service into four different delivery levels, which depends on the number of races. At level one, he just receives, delivers and charges. Payments are made via credit card or PayPal only. After 10 runs, it is mandatory to go to Rappi's call center to pick up a prepaid card, which should be used for level two deliveries, where only merchants expand. Now he can also make pharmacy deliveries.

At the third level, the courier accepts other payment methods. In addition to credit card and Paypal, it starts to count debit card and cash. And, in addition, you can make deliveries of any category. At this level, the customer pays motoboy the full order amount. After 149 races, the deliveryman reaches the fourth and last level. In it, you can do any activity, increase the diversity of establishments and work with services such as RappiCash, which acts as an ATM delivery.

Rappi allows a user to cancel their order even after confirmed. However, according to Samuel, often the loss of motoboy. The establishment does not accept the products back. When the bikers have already left for the delivery, they do not win for the race and for the time requested. That is, besides not having received the payment, having spent gas and lost time, we still have to go to Central, he complains.

Rappi's physical delivery service centers are scattered across cities so they can solve problems in person if they feel it is necessary. To TechTudo, the company said in a statement that "it is already studying to expand the number of these centers in order to improve the service to the partner delivery companies".

Samuel says that in Fortaleza, where he lives and works, he waits for about an hour to a half to two hours for the motoboy to receive service and return the products. Another option is to bear the loss and pay out of pocket for something you didn't buy, something Samuel never does.

But there are those who prefer not to go to Central hoping to keep racing with not very low values. Sometimes a customer cancels a pizza or aa, for example. It wouldn't be so bad to eat and pay, but we hardly buy such a thing unintentionally. After all we are on the street, going through all this, to make money, help at home, pay the bills. And not to buy things for nothing that we do not want at the moment, complete.

Rappi did not comment on the delay in call centers. Regarding the motoboys financial losses, the company also did not speak.

Motoboy says cancellation of orders generates losses for Rappi's deliverers Photo: DivulgaoMotoboy says cancellation of orders generates losses for Rappi's deliverers Photo: Divulgao

Motoboy says cancellation of orders generates losses for Rappi's deliverers Photo: Divulgao

Another problem pointed out by motoboy in relation to Rappi is the way the app handles cash-paid races. This is because, according to him, after receiving, the deliveryman needs to deposit the amount to Rappi. While not done, they are blocked from further races. Rappi is right, after all, the customer paid and this amount needs to be passed on. But when this lockout happens on a Sunday, all expectation of working day / night becomes frustrating. How will the biker make the deposit with Rappi if the lotteries and banks are closed?

Given this, Samuel says he does not work on the app on Sundays and holidays to avoid problems. "But I have colleagues who have been through this, and some only provide delivery services for Rappi, he adds.

Rappi confirms that couriers need to deposit the amount received in cash, but consider blocking motoboys on the platform. "Not to disrupt the dynamics of these professionals, this deposit does not need to be done after each delivery. Rappi sets a maximum amount of money that each deliveryman can have in his hands, which varies according to his time of registration on the platform," he said in a statement. . Asked how this deal is on Sundays and holidays, the company did not respond.

Samuel further argues that communication with Rappi was not satisfactory. "An application that keeps making mistakes, despite all the weekly updates. They never answer a question right, they seem like programmed answers, he says.

About the statement, Rappi only confirmed that, in addition to physical call centers, there is another option available to couriers in need. "In case of problems with the platform or during a delivery, the company offers a chat for these professionals to communicate with the support in real time and report the fact," he said in a statement. TechTudo also asked about the automatic response charges quoted by Samuel. The company, however, gave no return.

The amount received for some races also does not please the delivery man. He reveals that he does not accept very low value requests, as do other colleagues. This is an advantage of the app, which gives flexibility for motoboy to choose. "Rappi is the worst company to partner with. Many of us accept it for lack of choice or need to earn a few bucks. For think of low fares and many races that hardly pay even the expense of the motorcycle for mileage," he laments.

To explain his side, he uses as an example a delivery of $ 9. The deliveryman will leave the place where he is standing, for example, travels from 1 to 8 km to reach the establishment and waits for 5 to 40 minutes for the product. . A follows for delivery, which often does not appear correctly in the app because there is traffic change, road repair, traffic, etc. Another person can say that $ 9 is good because it gives 2 liters of gasoline. But worn bike not only gasoline. Not to mention waiting time, all useless lost time, justifies it.

Rappi explained to TechTudo how motoboy payment works. ?For each delivery, deliverers receive a specific amount, which varies according to the weather, day of the week, time, distance traveled and order complexity. In addition, Rappi enables customers to tip deliveryors through But this is up to each consumer, "he said in a statement.

Rappi Deliverer app reviews

TechTudo tried to contact other motoboys without success. Some did not want to interview for fear of eventual punishments, others did not respond to our contact. However, in the review area of ??the Rappi Deliverers app review itself, which is only available for Android, there are reports of damage and problems. See some:

Rappi Deliverer app users complain about Google Play Store review Photo: Reproduction / TechTudoRappi Deliverer app users complain about Google Play Store review Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

Rappi Deliverer app users complain about Google Play Store review Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

TechTudo Rappi also commented on the labor relationship between the company and the delivery companies. Read the note:

Rappi is a super application that offers different products and services through intermediation between commercial establishments, industry, end customers and delivery partners. As a rule, the values ??of products available in the application are stipulated by the merchant. Consumers, in addition to the value of the product, pay the delivery freight, which is passed on to the delivery partner. As an intermediary platform, we offer people the opportunity to earn extra income by making deliveries through Rappi. Partner deliverers are self-employed professionals who find in the application the opportunity to earn extra income and thus achieve personal and professional dreams. Flexibility allows these professionals to use the platform any way they want and according to their needs, connecting and disconnecting whenever they want. Therefore, there is no relationship of subordination, exclusivity or fulfillment of workloads. Rappi further stresses that it is constantly seeking to improve its processes to enhance the experience of its users, whether they are delivery partners or end customers.