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Qualcomm will have to license its technologies to rivals

As we know, the Qualcomm is involved in numerous court battles inside and outside the United States. This week he suffered another setback: a preliminary ruling issued by juza Lucy Koh of the Northern California District Court forces the chip maker to license some of its patents involved in the production of modems for competing companies, such as Intel.

Unquestionable evidence in Qualcomm's own documents demonstrates that the modem is an essential component of the mobile device, which only stands out as a license (essential patents) to provide these chips is intended to practice or implement cellular standards and why Qualcomm cannot discriminate providers of modems.

The preliminary decision resulting from an action brought against Qualcomm by Federal Trade Commission (FTC)in 2017, in which the company accused of anti-commercial practices to force companies, like Apple, to buy their chips in exchange for royalties about patents. The lawsuit should be judged only next year, as disclosed by Reuters.

Qualcomm is the world's largest provider of smartphone modems and has developed a technology for connecting phones to cellular networks that is used by numerous manufacturers. One of the company's avenues of profit comes from licensing this invention, however, the company charges based on the value of the device and the component itself.

As we said, Qualcomm has faced legal problems in several regions. In the US, Apple's imbroglio with Apple has already brought together several companies and even Ma customers; In Taiwan, Qualcomm struck a deal with the country's regulators to invest $ 700 million in the region over the next five years, in addition to paying a $ 93 million fine following charges of anti-trade practices.

via AppleInsider

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