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President Trump visits Apple factory in Texas – and promotes some unrealities

Yesterday we informed you that the Apple announced the start of construction on its new $ 1 billion campus in Austin, Texas. The same day, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, visited another Ma facility (a few miles from the new campus) in the city, where the new Mac pro is being assembled.

Trump's visit, however, was not a simple procession from Washington to Texas: as we know, Apple is in the eye of trade war between USA and the China, so that several of the company's products imported from the east are already being charged by the White House.

Therefore, the tour Ma's Trump factory was another opportunity for Apple to put hot cloths on the ?China situation? and perhaps get a second chance from the American president's fanfare on products already being taxed which may have come in handy. , or no.

Factory visit

The fact that the factory visit in Austin was surrounded by insights and statements "for English to see," such as Trump's claim below, in which the president inferred that he had "opened an Apple factory in Texas."

Today I opened a large Apple factory in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America. Today Nancy Pelosi has closed Congress because she doesn't care about American workers!

In addition, during the visit, President Trump, accompanied by Apple's CEO, Tim cook, said that "one day would see Apple building factories in the US, and not in China."

President @realDonaldTrump visited the @Apple factory in Austin, Texas with Apple CEO @tim_cook today! ?

As highlighted by the journalist of New York Times Jack nicas, there are some inconsistencies in Trump's speeches: first, Apple did not build any factories in the US campuses not only factories); Secondly, the manufacturing site that Trump visited where the new Mac Pro was built has been in existence since 2013 and arose from an agreement between Apple and Flextronics.

President Trump: ?I said,? Someday, we'll see Apple building factories in our country, not in China. That's what's happening. ?That's fake. Apple has built no factory in the US and still produces the vast majority of its products in China. The factory the president visited today with @tim_cook is owned and operated by a company called Flextronics. It has been manufacturing Apple computers since 2013. Little has changed for l.

This factory employs about 500 people in Texas. Apple's Chinese manufacturers employ millions of people.

During the visit, Cook thanked the president and his government for their work to make it possible for Apple to get where it arrived, stating that ?this would not be possible without them?:

I would particularly like to thank President Trump, Secretary Mnuchin and Ivanka and the other members of the government. I am grateful for their support that brought us here. That would not be possible without them.

Ma's executive was also encouraged by Trump to find that the US economy is "the strongest in the world" after receiving praise from the president, who said no company compares to Apple:

Trump: Tim was saying that he is starting this big new construction in Texas. But he also told me something about the American economy, because he is all over the world. I would say that there is no one who is more worldwide than Apple. What would you say about our economy compared to all other countries?

Cook: I think we have the strongest economy in the world right now.

On perhaps the most important issue for Apple, tariffs on products imported from China, Trump said he is "thinking" of exempting Ma from the new round of rates that will come into force next month. He also recalled the fact that by charging iGadgets, would be favoring Samsung since the giant's products are made in South Korea.

We are seeing this. The problem we have with Samsung, which is a great company, but a competitor of Apple, is not fair (pricing Samsung products) because we made a great deal with South Korea. But we have to treat Apple similarly Samsung .

Mac pro

Politics aside, the Cook and Trump meeting and the Mac Pro assembly factory visit yielded some indictments. Among them, it was possible to observe how the packaging of the new workstation from Ma.


Introducing the @Apple NEW Mac Pro Proudly Made in the USA! ??

Note that the new Mac Pro comes in two cases attached to each other and is accessible by two wings on the sides, allowing you to carry it; inside, workstation It is packaged to prevent shocks and, judging from the images, it is likely that the bottom wheeled units will already be shipped with them pre-installed.

A video published by the US president also shows a little more of the Mac Pro assembly process and displays, for a few seconds, the packaging of the computer.

Cook Interview

In interview for ABC NewsCook talked about a spectrum of subject matter involving the new billion dollar facility in Austin, the Mac Pro manufacturing, and the US-China trade war.

Naturally, he took the opportunity to highlight the star (and supposedly the goal of the factory president's visit in Austin) of the moment: the Mac Pro.

What you are seeing here, Mac Pro is 15,000 times more powerful than the original Mac and can perform 56 trillion tasks per second. It is absolutely amazing. We could not be more proud of a product. It is an example of American design, American manufacturing and American engineering.

Cook declined to comment on how China's upcoming tariffs could impact the iPhone, reaffirming its hopes that the US and China will reach an agreement.

I am convinced that whatever is in the best interest of the US and China will happen, and so if you have two parts where there is a common best interest, there must be some kind of way forward.

The executive stepped forward with many of the criticisms he might suffer from meeting with Trump and indirectly explained that he prefers "direct conversations", claiming to disregard polarization.

I don't like people talking on my behalf, I don't believe in lobbyists. I believe in direct conversation. I firmly believe in engagement. I hate polarization. I despise that.

As for Apple's acquisitions, Cook looks ahead with optimism, saying the company is not looking at anything big, but at "many interesting little things."

via CNBC, AppleInsider