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Popcorn Time: Everything you need to know before you can start using the service!

Netflix Pirate or Robin Hood of online entertainment? Regardless of how you view Popcorn Time, using the service is illegal and in some countries can be costly for users. Due to the way Popcorn Time video is distributed, the service is now out and about, but its developers can find ways to bring it back. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Popcorn Time for Android and, in the end, understand the consequences of using this platform.

Pirate vs. Netflix Robin Hood Online Entertainment

Popcorn Time is an application in which you can watch movies and series, with subtitles in Portuguese or dubbed, without having to pay for the service. Some users use the platform for ideological reasons, however, the developers of the service do not pay copyright for the content offered. And according to international law, that would be piracy, so a crime.

Popcorn uses clever tricks to stream movies and shows for free. Using the P2P protocol, titles available on the service are transmitted to users not through a central server, but through various other computers around the world, ie in the best BitTorrent style. Which makes withdrawing the air service virtually impossible.

After going offline, the service recently received a new hosting and, for those who do not know, even has a community on the Reddit channel. It turns out that because Popcorn Time is open source and having your source code available for free on GitHub, it wasn't long before forks, or variations of the program, appeared on the internet. In other words, we have several similar services using the same system.

popcorn time android app wm
Using Popcorn Time is easy, so many users believe it is a video streaming system, but the platform is a bit more complex than that. / Popcorn Time

Profit vs. open code

The last time Popcorn Time was taken down, the biggest source of trouble and disagreement was the union of the service with This deal generated a good source of revenue for the platform, but it also brought problems.

Some of the Popcorn Time members did not agree with this step, believing that such a move distanced the service from the main idea: offering free content online and using the internet to democratize access to information. For them, Popcorn Time should not be a source of profit, but provide free entertainment and culture to users.

Thus, internal fighting has divided the creators of the service in recent times. So much so that developer Sammuel86, responsible for the desktop version of the service, said he was leaving the team because he thought his participation was no longer legally or morally viable. According to himself, Popcorn Time has changed a lot since his arrival.

To give you an idea, two of the app's developers got arrested by BREIN, the Netherlands copyright protection association.

PTCE the official replacement (for now) for Popcorn Time

However, a little over a week ago, the service was back up. According to a service developer publication, "PTCE is the official replacement (for now) for Popcorn Time." That is, even illegal, Popcorn Time is still available to users.

How Popcorn Time Works

The first thing you need to know is that this service is viewed as a form of online piracy. Thus, the risks of using it are the sole responsibility of users. In Germany, for example, the use of Popcorn Time is forbidden and generates fines to those who use it can reach up to 815 euros per shared file, approximately $ 3349.65. I have at least three friends who have already received a letter from the copyright agency in the country, and make sure they were not happy at all!

In Germany, for example, the use of Popcorn Time is prohibited and generates fines.

popcorn time android app
Setting up app features is easy, but don't let that make you forget that using it is illegal under copyright law. / Popcorn Time

That said, Popcorn Time should be viewed as a kind of free, illegal Netflix, and with a larger catalog. It serves as an intermediary between torrent sites and the end user, as you simply click on the movie you want to watch, in the quality of the video, choose to use the subtitle and the site does everything else for you.

The source of Ycorn's Popcorn Time movies, that means the service isn't exactly cool

However, because of the simplicity of using the service, which allows after only a few seconds for the movie to start playing, many users are unaware that they are using BitTorrent rather than innocent video streaming over the internet.

In addition, we have the fact that YIFY's Popcorn Time movie source comes from YIFY, a well-known high quality movie uploader who has no legal rights to distribute content, which means the service is not exactly legal.

Where to download Popcorn Time

The program is available for beta download for Android 4.0+, iOS 7+, Windows XP +, OSX 10.7+ and Linux 32 and 64-bit through the service website.

popcorn time versions download
On the Popcorn Time website you can find the downloadable versions of the service. / Popcorn Time

note: AndroidPIT does not support or promote any type of piracy. We believe our users need to receive complete information about both legal and illegal services. Use of Popcorn Time, or any other similar service, is the sole responsibility of the users who download the platform. We are not responsible for any legal issues that the use of this application may bring.

Do you know Popcorn Time? Do you consider the performance of the legal service or think it should cease to exist? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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