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New version of ONLYOFFICE Editors is available with accent fixes and plugin support

Now with native support for a number of plugins that extend the user experience, the new ONLYOFFICE is coming to be your Office suite.

Hello guys, how are you? I have good news for people who liked the proposal of the ONLYOFFICE as an alternative to office application for Linux, Windows or macOS. OnlyOffice Update The ONLYOFFICE developers contacted us today to tell us the news about this beautiful application. If you have never heard of it, I strongly recommend reading the interview we did with Galina Goduhina, sute representative, so you will better understand what the project ideas are, its strengths and weaknesses.

A kind of Google Docs

I think the easiest way to explain the workings and features of ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is to compare it to Google Docs, the Google suite incorporated into Google Drive.

ONLYOFFICE offers a collaborative, open source suite for you to use in your home or business, with text editing applications, spreadsheets and presentations. In the last software update very interesting things were added through plugins, which are now the official way to expand features in the suite, so we have already incorporated:

Image editor; Yandex Translator – To translate text without leaving the editor;

Symbol Table – To insert unusual symbols;

YouTube – To insert videos from YouTube;


Image editor contained in OnlyOffice text editor

I want to give special emphasis to the image editor now accompanying the sute office, he is much more complete than I expected and has at stickers!

For us Brazilians who have a language full of accents and rules, the good news now that the accent is now working correctly, which was a problem in the past version, where letters like "", "", "", etc., weren't used to exit correctly.

"We have added the ability to create macros, but they are different from Microsoft macros. We use JavaScript instead of Visual Basic. We are currently working on documenting and converting to VBA-based macros (to open them in our editors). Now our macros can do the same as our Document Builder. The scripts are the samecommented Nadezhda Knyazeva of ONLYOFFICE. You can download and try the new version of ONLYOFFICE by visiting the official websiteIn it you will find version for Linux, Windows and macOS, including a portable version exclusively for Linux, all available in 64 bit, except the version of Windows, which also has 32 bit version.

Tell to! What did you think of the new version of the software? Already tested? Comment below and see you next time!


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