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New app for Android camera stock available for download

The arrival of Google Edition of HTC One It's from Galaxy S4 It has also brought us some interesting news, even though these two smartphones are only for sale in the United States. Now you can download the new app for the Android stock camera.

Android Nexus 4 camera stock
The new app of the Android camera. / AndroidPit

This is the pure Android photo app that works with HTC One and Galaxy S4 but also any other 4.2 device. I tested on a LG Nexus 4, a smartphone that is also expected to receive operating system updates from Google Edition soon.

Camera stock Android Nexus 2 menu
Elegant and new: arched menu. / AndroidPit

The biggest news is in the options menu. There is no longer the circular menu in the center of the display that partially hid the image to be photographed when approaching the finger. Now all the functions are arranged in an arc that occupies the lower portion of the screen.

Camera stock Android Nexus 4 panoramica
The overview has not changed. / AndroidPit

On the other hand, no new features were included in the options or shooting modes. The Panorama and Photosphere functions are still included and work, as mentioned, on any device running Android.


Camera stock Android Nexus 4 record videos
The video menu also incorporated the arc. / AndroidPit

To get the new camera app for Android, just download APK and enable Unknown Sources option. If you have a device with Android 4.2, there should be no problems installing. However, if you have a lower version, a bug may appear.

Share your experiences with the new app in the comments!

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