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Microsoft and Red Hat Partner to Accelerate Move to Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft and Red Hat announce the expansion of the alliance to facilitate corporate adoption of containers, which includes native support for Windows Server containers on Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure and SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. The goal is to simplify container technologies to help enterprise customers increase agility toward digital transformation with hybrid cloud.

Together with Microsoft, Red Hat is paving the way for organizations to make technology choices that interest them, from containerized workloads to uncomplicated public cloud services, explains Matthew Hicks, vice president of Software Engineering, OpenShift and Red Hat gesture.

Continuing to commit to delivering options and flexibility to their corporate customers, Microsoft and Red Hat will extend integrated and co-located support to deliver new offerings across platforms, ensuring IT organizations whatever challenges they face. On the road to digital transformation, Microsoft and Red Hat will be with them.

Windows Server Containers on Red Hat OpenShift

Enterprises see the benefit of using containerized applications to operate their mission-critical workloads, but most IT organizations are not standardized on a single infrastructure. These heterogeneous environments often contain Windows and Linux platforms and applications, making it difficult to modernize and scale corporate operations.

The partnership between Red Hat and Microsoft simplifies these challenges as Windows Servers containers will have native support for Red Hat OpenShift, a kubernete-based and industry-leading container application platform. Red Hat OpenShift will be the first container application platform – built on the open source Kubernetes project – to support single platform Linux or Windows container workloads across multiple hybrid cloud environments, making it easier for businesses to follow the native cloud agenda.

The tool was demonstrated during the Red Hat Summit in May 2017 and should be available as a technology preview in the first half of 2018.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft Azure Stack

Native cloud applications and the container platforms that feed them are essential components of digital transformation, but managing the infrastructure for these technologies can be complex and time consuming for already overburdened IT teams.

Red Hat and Microsoft address this reality by offering Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated in Azure. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is a container platform offered as a cloud service and is managed by Red Hat. The service should be available on Microsoft's Azure enterprise cloud platform, with availability announced in 42 regions worldwide – more than any other. public cloud provider.

Microsoft and Red Hat engineers are working together to optimize OpenShift while operating on Azure, helping to deliver standardized business performance combined with integrated support.

In addition, Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated in Microsoft Azure enables IT teams to focus on delivering business value and driving innovation rather than keeping the lights on and micro-managing resources. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated in Microsoft Azure should be available in early 2018.

Red Hat and Microsoft also plan to collaborate on delivering enterprise performance standards and integrated support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux workloads operating on Microsoft Azure Stack.

Azure Stack is an on-premise extension of Azure that brings cloud computing to on-premise environments, operating on certified hardware provided by Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Cisco that enables companies to easily and quickly build a cloud experience. in their data centers.

Microsoft and Red Hat are aligned with our commitment to bringing corporate customers the hybrid cloud solutions they need to modernize their business, while transitioning to operate in a native cloud world. Today, we are extending this commitment to bring fully integrated solutions that simplify container adoption and help customers get the most out of their hybrid cloud strategies, reveals John Gossman, chief architect of Azure.

SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift

With consumer use of containers to increase agility in a native cloud world, Red Hat and Microsoft are committed to helping customers leverage the innovation provided by open source.

Red Hat has just announced the availability of .NET Core 2.0 as an OpenShift container, and in the coming months, companies plan to push the scale and scale of SQL Server from Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift.

Like all Red Hat and Microsoft initiatives, SQL Server for Linux on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform will be jointly supported by both market leaders.

Source: Red Hat Press Office.

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